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Botox® Parties!

What does a Botox Party include?

You and your guests will have Zero Gravity Med Spa to yourselves! Your party will include 2-4 hours of complimentary appetizers, drinks, and goodie bags for all guests. As the host, you may choose a free area of Botox or filler. All attendees are eligible for $50 off Botox and 20% off filler. Should you choose to have an Esthetician on site, which we recommend, all skin care procedures and products will be 10% off.

How many people do I need?
A minimum of 6 people, the host plus 5 friends, is required to rent Zero Gravity Med Spa for your Botox party.

How do I make sure people come?
For a first time event, we strongly recommend that you have your guests prepay for their spot. Zero Gravity Med Spa requires a $100 booking fee for a 2 hour party, $150 booking fee for a 3 hour party, and $200 booking fee for a 4 hour party. The amount of injectors and the length of time required for your Botox party is dependent on the amount of guests attending. It has been our experience that when people pre-pay, they are significantly less likely to cancel, which helps to ensure a successful party for you.

Can people get filler like Juvéderm or Restylane too?
Yes, Zero Gravity injectors can administer both Botox and filler at your event. Please let us know what your guests want, so we can make sure we bring the right products in sufficient quantity.

When do I need my final guest list?
We need your final guest list along with the booking fee 48 hours before the event. This will ensure that we have and bring enough product to give each person what they want.

What If I need to cancel?

If you need to cancel your party, we require a 48 hour notice to refund your booking fee. Cancellations after 48 hours will not be refunded. If your guest list no longer meets the minimum, please call the office at (859)344-3250 or email after office hours so that our staff can work to best accommodate or reschedule your party.

My guests have questions, where can I direct them for information?
Your guests are welcome to call the office at (859)344-3250. Our entire staff is very knowledgeable about all of the injectables we offer and are happy to answer your questions about the products or about our establishment in general. After hours, our website,,  has a lot of good information.